Micro Welding – 6mil Coated Copper Wire to 4mil Copper Pad

DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH1000 – 1000g parallel micro weld head
/>Tungsten thermo-compression electrode (flat symmetric precision tip)
8awg weld cables

The MWH1000 parallel weld head is configured to hold a tungsten thermo-compression electrode. The electrodes are designed to generate a large amount of heat directly at the tip in order to help remove plastic insulation from small diameter wires such as these coated copper wires. We used a flat tipped precision electrode to match the size of the pads as closely as possible. The force is to the maximum at 1200g.

The coated wire can be attached directly to the pad without having to be stripped prior to welding. The DCD320 is set with Pulse 1 turned off, Pulse 2 at 40ms, and Peak Voltage at 1.0v for the welds pictured. The wires attach firmly but the 0.004″ pad can be easily torn. Although we were able to achieve good results using the settings outlined, it is recommended you experiment further with your product to fine tune the settings and find the best balance between time, energy, and pressure for even better results. Fixtures to hold the wires in place will be beneficial for gaining weld consistency.

The DCD320 and a MWH1000 parallel weld head are capable of attaching the wires to the pads. The ability to fine tune the energy settings and the duration of welds gives operators a broad range of possibilities to experiment with.

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