Micro Welding – Heat Stranded 22awg 24awg and 26awg Wires to Flexible Heaters

System 1:
DCD320 – DC and CD resistance welder (high precision power supply)

MWH3000 – 3000g parallel micro weld head
Tungsten thermo-compression electrode (domed tip)
8awg weld cables

The parallel micro weld head is configured with a tungsten thermo-compression electrode that has been domed at the tip and 8awg weld cables. The Force on the micro weld head is set to 3000g. The thermo-compression electrodes are ideal for applications with very thin substrate layers because they generate heat at the tip of the electrode and the force applied by the weld head compresses the molten material into contact with the substrate material (less energy passes through the thin layer of Inconel so damage is minimized). We used a ceramic plate as a backing support for the welds.

Green Wires:
The green wires are joined to each of the types of flexible heaters using the DCD320 set with Pulse 1 off, Pulse 2 at 150ms length, and Peak Voltage at 5.9v. It is helpful to leave some of the wire insulation at the tip to help prevent the individual strands of the wire from spreading out when pressure is applied. The strength of the weld is higher in pull than in peel.

Black Wires:
The black wires are attached to each type of heater using the DCD320 set with Pulse 1 off, Pulse 2 at 150ms, and Peak Voltage at 6.3v. Please note that some discoloration occurs on the back side of the plastic where the heat of the weld penetrates through the Inconel layer.

White Wires:
The white wires are welded using the DCD320 set with Pulse 1 off, Pulse 2 at 150ms, and Peak Voltage at 6.9v. There is slight sticking of the thermo-compression electrode tip when welding the white wire because it penetrates deeper into the copper.

The settings we used are a good starting point, but as you experiment further with energy, force, and weld length even better results could be achieved.

The DCD320 and MWH3000 are ideal solutions for performing these welds. Operators have the ability to fine tune the settings to achieve desired results and the thermo-compression electrodes allow the welds to take place without having to ground to the Inconel strips.

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