Resistance Welding Spring Rings

System 1:
CD600DP, 600ws capacitive discharge resistance welder
WH1125A, opposed, air actuated weld head
1/8″ copper upper electrode (with tapered tip)
1/8″ copper lower electrode (flat tip)
High Force Springs
1awg cables

The WH1125A weld head is configured with an 1/8″ copper upper electrode that is tapered slightly at the tip to help focus the energy into the springs. The lower electrode is an 1/8″ copper electrode with a flat tip. The spring force is set to 15lbs to help ensure good contact between the surfaces and to help alleviate weld splash.

The CD600DP is set to 600ws energy with pulse 1 off for the strongest results. The spring steel used can become brittle after welding due to the carbon content. Reheating the springs after welding to anneal the welds will reduce the brittleness and increase weld strength. Although the CD600DP has sufficient energy to weld the springs, the CD1000DP would provide enough energy to increase the weld nugget diameter and penetration (thus increasing weld strength). We bent the springs to allow access to weld the inner areas but custom electrodes could be developed for easier access without bending the springs.


The CD600DPand WH1125A are ideal for welding these sample parts. We also offer the CD1000DP that would have longer weld discharge times and higher energy for increased penetration and weld strength.