Roll Spot Weld Mesh

System 1:
CD400DP-RS, 400ws CD resistance welder with roll spot programming
PGHP, pistol grip finger trigger single probe hand piece<br />Copper wheel electrode
Copper grounding plane
1awg weld cables

The mesh sheets are easily lap welded using the CD400DP-RS and PGHP hand piece. We used a copper 9” x 9” grounding plane for the welds, but a longer piece would be useful to avoid the need to move the pieces due to their length. 1awg weld cables were used.

Roll spot programming of the CD400DP allows the user to discharge consecutive welds with a pre-set time interval between welds. We usually set the interval to 0.1s (the minimum amount). At higher energies the time between welds actually lengthens slightly due to the time needed to recharge the capacitors. Operator hand speed is important when using the roll spot method since it will determine the actual distance between spots (the faster the motion, the further apart the spots will be). Dwelling for too long in one place can cause burnt marks or sticking. The pressure applied by operators on the hand piece will also need to be moderated. Too much pressure can minimize weld heat and too little pressure can cause arcing or blow-outs.

We performed the welds on the mesh from largest hole size to smallest hole size at the following settings:

Sample 1 – 30ws Energy

Sample 2 – 40ws Energy

Sample 3 – 20ws Energy

Sample 4 – 25ws Energy

More than one pass can be made per joint for increased strength. It can be beneficial to flip the sample over and weld along the opposite lap to keep the flap tacked down to the main body.

The settings outlined above provide good hold strength; but further experimentation with the energy could dial in even better results. Fixturing to hold the sheets in place during the weld would help increase consistency.

The CD400DP-RS is an ideal power supply for roll spot welding mesh sheets. At slower hand speeds the roll spot method can create close to continuous seams and at higher speeds operators can place several spot welds quickly and easily. The more consistent the rate of travel and force, the more consistent the distance between spots and weld strength will be. I would have no hesitation recommending System 1.

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