Steel Straps Tweezer Welded with THP-P

System 1:
CD1000DPM2, 1000ws capacitive discharge resistance welder
THP-P, air actuated tweezer hand piece

The pneumatic tweezer hand piece was set up with opposed 3/16″ copper electrodes with tips tapered down to approximately 0.1″. A foot pedal was used to actuate the air cylinder and a button on the hand piece was used to trigger the weld. The air regulator was set to 80psi for the welds performed and we used 1awg weld cables.

The CD1000DP is set with pulse 1 turned off, pulse 2 at 800ws, and the total energy set to 800ws. The resulting welds have good strength. Some slight sticking occurred and can be alleviated by increasing the diameter of the electrode tips.


The above system is able to perform the welds on the sample strips you sent. The hand piece can place the welds quickly and efficiently and is able to provide sufficient force for the welds. Although the settings we used deliver good hold strength, weld parameters could still be dialed in for the “perfect” results as you experiment further with the product.