Tacking Honeycomb to Curved Stainless Steel Substrate

CD1000DP, 1000ws capacitive discharge resistance welder
PASP HP, High power pressure actuated single probe hand piece
Custom copper “flex” electrode

A custom “flex” style electrode is used to deliver more balanced pressure to the curvature of the honeycomb. A pressure actuated hand piece is used to allow for easy access to the part and allow for adjustment to part geometry. We used a copper grounding plane but to help minimize marring of the part at the contact surfaces we suggest clamping a copper bar to the stainless base and attaching the weld cable to the copper bar. The clamping force between the two surfaces will eliminate unwanted arcing during the weld.

Welds were performed by the CD1000DP with Pulse 1 turned off, Pulse 2 at 413ws energy, and Total Energy at 830ws. This setting delivers sufficient energy to tack the honeycomb into place. If increased hold strength is desired, the energy can be raised even more. It is helpful to ensure that sufficient and even pressure is applied at the electrode so we used a foot pedal to actuate the welds. Several welds can be placed along the edges or across the middle. Welds can be overlapped or spaced out as desired.

The CD1000DP is an ideal solution for attaching honeycomb to substrates.