Torque Transducer to Motor Mount Pulse Arc Welds

We were able to put a weld spot on each of the spline peaks all the way around the notches of the motor mount using the Orion Pulse 150i set at 4.9ws energy with the sloped agitation feature enabled (for greater penetration and smoothing).  It may be useful to place the welder in foot pedal mode so that no accidental triggering can occur while positioning the electrode in the cavity.  The stylus can also be removed from the microscope assembly to be used in a handheld fashion for easier access to the tight geometries.  Larger spots can be achieved by raising the energy level accordingly.  Sufficient hold strength could probably be achieved with fewer weld spots if desired.

The Orion Pulse 150i is an ideal solution for welding these transducer components.  The touch screen user interface makes it easy for operators to quickly fine tune energy settings and find successful weld parameters.