Welding 5mil Nichrome Wire to 20mil Stainless Steel Pin

CD100SPM – 100ws CD resistance welder
WH1125A – Opposed air actuated weld head
Copper 1/8″ lower electrode (flat tip) and copper 1/8″ upper electrode (tip tapered to 0.05″)
1awg weld cables


SPHP, single probe hand piece
8awg cables

Opposed Weld Head:
The WH1125A weld head is configured with a 1/8″ copper upper electrode that has been tapered down to 0.05″ at the tip and a 1/8″ copper lower electrode that has a flat tip. 1awg weld cables are used and the spring force is set to 7lbs.

The CD100SP is set at maximum pulse width and 4ws energy to attach the nichrome wires to the stainless steel pins. These settings deliver strong results without overly crushing the wire; but as you experiment further with the energy, force, and tip shapes you may be able to achieve even better results.

Single Probe Hand Piece:
We also welded the nichrome wire to the pins using a single probe hand piece. The 8awg ground cable is attached to a copper plane and the pin is clamped onto the plane for ease of handling during the weld. Operator hand pressure can play a key role in the consistency of the welds performed using a hand piece. Too much pressure can cause weak welds and too little pressure can lead to blow outs.

The CD100SPM is set to 10ws and maximum pulse width for the weld pictured.

The CD100SP can be coupled with either of the attachments outlined above to deliver good weld results. The weld head can be more repeatable do to consistent application of force and ease of component placement. The single probe hand piece can be an economical solution that still delivers strong welds but requires a little bit more operator finesse.

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