Welding Nichrome Wires to 9mil and 18mil Stainless Steel Plates

CD400DP – 400ws CD resistance welder
WH1125A – Opposed pneumatic weld head with
1/8″ copper flat tip electrodes
/>1awg cables

The opposed weld head is a great choice for consistent, repeatable welds due to its ability to deliver repeatable force and positioning. The head is configured with 1/8″ copper flat tipped electrodes in the upper and lower holders. The spring force is set to 10lbs and 1awg weld cables are used. The stop nut is configured with about a ¼” gap and there is approximately 1/8″ between the upper electrode and the top of the part.

The CD400DP is set to the following energies based on wire size:
23 – 55ws
24 & 25 – 50ws
26 & 27 – 40ws
28 – 35ws
29 – 25ws
30 & 31 – 20ws
32, 33, 34, & 35 – 15ws

A couple welds per spring end help to ensure that the entire surface is attached firmly; but a single weld can be strong enough at the correct energy level.

The settings outlined above deliver strong, clean results; but further experimentation with energy, electrode tips, and applied force could lead to even better results. The settings can be lowered from those outlined to attach the springs to the thinner stainless steel plate to minimize discoloration if desired.

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