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Ultra Precision for Actuator Reliability and Dependability

When you're working with fine wires and the smallest of electrical connections, only Sunstone delivers a level of accuracy matched only by your reputation for reliability. If you’re building actuators, when critical processes and functions are at stake, choose a Sunstone micro welder to create the perfect weld time and time again.

Maximum Power Control for Maximum Flexibility

Sunstone micro welders are designed for you to dial the exact amount of energy required for any application: Fine wire welding, wire termination, transformer coils, magnet wire welding, and more! With many different welding technologies and models to choose from, Sunstone has the right solution for you.

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  • Micro Resistance - Advanced Dual Pulse CD Spot Welder

    The CDDP-A Dual Pulse Advanced Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder comes in a 200, 400, and 600ws power option.

    CDDP-A Welders Datasheet

    CDDP-A Welder User Manual

    • $8,500.00
    • $15,500.00