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Electrical Fuse

Electrical Fuse

Trust Your Electrical Fuse Welding to Sunstone

What’s the secret to producing a reliable electrical fuse? When you are able to precisely set and control the energy levels you’ll create a fuse that will consistently pass your quality control tests. With nearly ten years of micro welding experience, Sunstone knows a thing or two about electrical fuse welding.

Precision Energy Control and Reliability

One faulty fuse can cast a shadow on your reputation. With a Sunstone micro welder, you’re able to dial the energy discharge to one-hundredth of a watt second and make adjustments to adapt to different material types and dimensions. Consult with a Sunstone welding expert if your production needs require dependable electrical fuse welding.

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  • PA250i Micro TIG Welder

    • A very small heat affected zone during weld
    • Ability to easily position welds exactly where you need them
    • The versatility of welding of very small, thin, and delicate metal parts
    • A wide range of metals that can be welded
    • Simple and easy to use touch screen interface
    • High level of precision with microscope
    • Consistency and repeatability
    • A simplified repair process by eliminating soldering
    • Quality welds
    • Very low maintenance on machine
    • Small compact size designed to fit on and around any work bench.
    • $0.00
  • The Scout
    • $4,500.00