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Circuit Board Traces

Circuit Board Traces

Save Time and Money on Circuit Board Repairs

Sending a circuit board out for repair can shut down your business and cost far more than just the price of having it fixed. And with messy flux and toxic fumes, a soldering iron can sometimes make things worse. A Sunstone micro welder lets you repair traces and circuit board connections quickly and without the soldering mess.

Precision Microscopic Repairs

When you need a tiny weld in just the right spot with just the right amount of energy, a Sunstone micro welder can’t be beat. Digital energy control lets you dial in the exact amount of energy, to one-hundreth of a Ws. Coupled with microscopic clarity and delivery—up to 10X magnification—a Sunstone micro welder will help you save time and money in circuit board repairs and connections.

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  • The Pico™ - DC Closed-loop Feedback Resistance Welder

    The Sunstone Pico DC is a closed-loop feedback direct-current, resistance welder for fine welding with force and displacement monitoring. Call +1 801-658-0015

    Pico Data Sheet

    Pico DC User Manual

    Pico DC Press Release

    • $10,500.00
  • Micro E Micro Weld Head

    The Sunstone Micro E Micro weld head is an electromagnetic linear motion weld head providing as little as 30 grams in force and 1 micron in accuracy. Call or text the micro welding experts at +1 801-658-0015 for questions.

    Micro™ E Micro Weld Head Data Sheet

    Micro™ E Micro Weld Head User Manual

    Micro™ E Micro Weld Head Light Ring User Manual

    Micro™ E Micro Weld Head Press Release

    • $15,500.00
  • Pro X Modular Weld Head

    The Sunstone Pro X is a modular weld head specifically designed to be interchangeable from one production process or weld delivery system to another.

    Pro X Data Sheet

    • $4,900.00