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  • Micro Resistance - Dual Pulse CD Spot Welders

    Available models are CD200DP, CD400DP, CD600DP.  The dual pulse industrial capacitive discharge (CD) spot welder provides a substantially larger amount of weld energy combined with a finer range of power adjustment. As with Sunstone's other spot welders, the CDDP welders produces clean, strong welds. Pulse one heats the weld area to eliminate surface contaminants and seats the welding electrodes. Pulse two then makes a strong, secure weld. Both pulses occur within milli-seconds.

    CDDP Welder User Manual

    CDDP Welder Datasheet

    • $5,400.00
  • Orion mPulse Pulse Arc Welders - For smaller studios

    Due to high demand, this product is currently backordered. Place your order now to get on the list for faster delivery.

    • $2,300.00
  • Dado Laser Welder

    The DADO is small, light, and portable. It can easily be placed anywhere. It will fit in any small workshop, directly on the workbench of the goldsmith, a dental lab, any jewelry store, and even in hobby shops!

    FLAT RATE FREIGHT SHIPPING of $650.00 for this system.

    Laser Welders Datasheet

    Dado Laser Welder Datasheet

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    • $15,000.00