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Permanent Jewelry Infinity Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry Infinity Jewelry

Advancing the Art of Permanent Jewelry

Close permanent jewelry in seconds with an Orion pulse arc welder!

Behind every priceless piece of art is a silversmith, goldsmith, or metalsmith who keeps the right tools for the right job at their fingertips. That’s why you’ll find an Orion micro welder on the bench of every permanent jewelry artist. Built by Sunstone, the Orion line of pulse arc welders are preferred by permanent jewelry artist all over the world.

What permanent jewelry piece are you making today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

The Precision You Need for Permanent Jewelry Welding

Sunstone builds the perfect permanent jewelry welding system that can create jewelry that you never dreamed would be possible. From fine chain to think chain, we have a Jewelry welding System that can bring your permanent jewelry to life!

The Power You Need for Permanent Jewelry Welding

Sunstone is the only company that offers a Pulse Arc welding solution specific for permanent jewelry. This option enables you to get the jewelry welding system that fits your permanent jewelry welding needs and your budget. We offer a jewelry welding system that has the power to join or bond Gold, Silver, Titanium or Platinum. You will Have the power range to get the job done right.

Why Permanent Jewelry Welding with Sunstone

Jewelry & Metalwork is a Complicated and precise Art. If you don’t agree just take a look at a jewelers workshop. The jewelry industry is continually shifting and changing as new technology enters the market. This new technology helps to accomplish things that were impossible or very difficult in the past, such as permanent jewelry (also known as forever jewelry or infinity jewelry). This technology is aimed to make the jeweler’s job more straightforward, and more rewarding. We work to understand the struggles that jewelers go through on a daily basis, and we are continuously working to find a solution to make the job easier and better. Through Jewelry Welding Technology, Sunstone has created several solutions that will make the jewelry process more straightforward, and more profitable.

Permanent Jewelry Welding Applications:

  • Infinity Bracelets
  • Forever Bracelets
  • Permanent Bracelets
  • Infinity Necklaces 
  • Forever Necklaces
  • Permanent Necklaces
  • Infinity Anklets
  • Forever Anklets
  • Permanent Anklets
  • Any Infinity Jewelry 
  • Any Forever Jewelry
  • Any Permanent Jewelry

What permanent jewelry piece are you making today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

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