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Dissimilar Metals

Dissimilar Metals

The Solution to Dissimilar Metal Welding

When you need to join dissimilar materials, like aluminum to stainless steel or copper to stainless steel, a number of obstacles can prevent a reliable and dependable weld. A micro welder from Sunstone is your answer to welding different metals together.

Precision Energy Control and Reliability

One faulty dissimilar metal weld can result in corrosion, early fatigue, or residual stress and cast a shadow on your reputation. With a Sunstone micro welder, you’re able to dial the energy discharge to one-hundredth of a watt second and make adjustments to adapt to different material types and dimensions. Consult with a Sunstone welding expert if you’re joining dissimilar materials. Chances are they’re familiar with your needs.

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  • Micro Resistance - Dual Pulse CD Spot Welders

    Available models are CD200DP, CD400DP, CD600DP.  The dual pulse industrial capacitive discharge (CD) spot welder provides a substantially larger amount of weld energy combined with a finer range of power adjustment. As with Sunstone's other spot welders, the CDDP welders produces clean, strong welds. Pulse one heats the weld area to eliminate surface contaminants and seats the welding electrodes. Pulse two then makes a strong, secure weld. Both pulses occur within milli-seconds.

    CDDP Welder User Manual

    CD Welders Datasheet

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    • $15,500.00