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Thermocouple Welding

Thermocouple Welding

Pulse-Arc (Micro TIG) Welding Thermocouples

One of the most common sensors in the world is Thermocouples. They are used in almost every consumer product in the world. In the manufacturing, construction, or internals of every product, we use on a daily basis. Sunstone aims to make thermocouple welding easy. No need for guessing if you have a good connection or contact with your piece. Let Sunstone help you simplify your thermocouples.

The Precision You Need

Sunstone Welders specializes in micro welding and explicitly designs for high levels of precision. When you are working with delicate wires, thin sheets, or precise sensors, Sunstone can give you the accuracy and precision that you need.

The Power You Need

Sunstone Welders provide units with the power to accomplish a wide range of welding applications. From fine wire welding, Stranded and Solid Wire applications. No matter the weld you need, Sunstone Has a Solution for you.

Sunstone offers a variety of thermocouple welders. The Orion Pulse Arc Welders works well for creating consistent, uniform bead junctions by utilizing pulse arc (or micro TIG) technology to weld thermocouple junctions. Sunstone offers Capacitive Discharge Welders that can also be used to weld thermocouple junctions. These systems will weld thermocouples directly to the metal piece for temperature sensing.

Sunstone's Orion welders are capable of welding the largest variety of materials and sizes of thermocouple junctions. The added benefit comes from Orion’s versatility and the ability it has to weld even highly conductive metals.

Thermocouple Welding Applications

  • Creating Strong Reliable Thermocouple Junctions
  • Welding Thermocouples to Measurement Sample
  • Pulse Arc Welding
  • Resistance Welding

Thermocouple Welding of Different Types:

  • Type K - Nickel-Chromium / Nickel Alumel
  • Type J - Iron/ Constantan
  • Type T - Copper/ Constantan
  • Type E - Nickel- Chromium/ Constantan
  • Type N - Nicrosil / Nisil
  • Type S - Platinum Rhodium 10% – Platinum
  • Type R - Platinum Rhodium -13% / Platinum
  • Type B - Platinum Rhodium -30%/ Platinum Rhodium-6% 
  • MI Cable Welding

Type J and Type K with an Orion Pulse-Arc (Micro TIG) Welder

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  • Orion mPulse Pulse Arc Welder

    With a 30ws power potential, the mPulse can be used by almost anyone and has the power to tackle all sorts of jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle.

    • Simple touchscreen control
    • Power ranges from 3-30 Joules
    • The most popular permanent jewelry welder in the world!
    • Quality US Manufacturing and US-based Customer Service
    • 2-year Warranty

    mPulse User Manual

    Orion mPulse Data Sheet

    • $2,400.00
  • Micro Resistance - Single Pulse CD Spot Welders

    Available models include: CD100SPM, CD200SPM.  Sunstone’s Single Pulse resistance spot welders are engineered to provide a wide range of welding flexibility for micro spot resistance welding. The Capacitive Discharge Single Pulse (CDSP) welders can provide as little as 0.1 watt seconds (joules) of energy for welding microscopic wires and parts, or can deliver up to 200 (depending on the model) Joules for stronger welds. Thanks to a simple user interface, these welders are versatile and easy to use for many micro spot resistance welding applications. The welder can be operated at up to 120 welds/minute. These welders are versatile and easy-to-use for many fine-spot resistance welding applications. The welder interface lets users quickly select weld settings for a wide variety of welding applications.

    CD Welders Datasheet

    CDSP Welder User Manual

    • $3,300.00