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Advancing the Art of Jewelry

Behind every priceless piece of art is a silversmith, goldsmith, or metalsmith who keeps the right tools for the right job at their fingertips. That’s why you’ll find an Orion micro welder on the bench of every accomplished jeweler. Built by Sunstone, the Orion line of pulse arc and laser welders are preferred by James Avery, Zales, Dillards, Pandora, Jared, Stuller, as well as by thousands of the world’s most talented jewelers.

Art Backed by Precision and Reputation

Sunstone knows the jewelry business. You’ll find a Sunstone micro welding expert at the world’s most favored shows: JCK, Baselworld, Vicenza T-Gold, MJSA, JIS and more. For ring sizing, prong repair, general jewelry repair, engraving, laser cutting, fine chain repair, porosity repair, and earring repair. You’ll find an Orion micro welder on the bench of every jewelry artisan.

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"I have an entry level model and I use it almost every time I am in my studio for everything from jump rings, tacking things in place, and small repairs. One thing I use it for the most is blunting the ends of ear wires, which leaves the tip nice and smooth without the need to sand and re-polish. It’s a super time saver. I love it!"

Linda Shea


Key Benefit: Save Time

Master metalsmiths choose an Orion pulse arc welder to save precious time. You'll quickly resize a ring, retip a prong, add metal, fill porosity, or construct a work piece in a fraction of the time versus a torch.

Key Technology Advantage: Faster ROI

Compared to a laser welder, an Orion pulse arc welder can accomplish most of the same welds, but at a fraction of the cost. Translation: Faster return on investment! Unlike a laser welder, an Orion pulse arc welder will expertly and quickly join any metal, from stainless steel to the shiniest silver. And, unlike a torch, you'll never encounter heat scaling nor stress about damaging a precious stone.

Key Features:

Touchscreen Simplicity 

All features are controlled digitally. No clumsy analog knob, dial, or gizmo. 

Digital Energy Control 

With advanced models, you choose how you want energy delivered to your work piece, providing endless creative possibilities.

Precision in a Broad Power Range

No work piece is too small or too big. With advanced models, you can dial the power down to as little as 0.2 Joules (Ws) or leverage as much as 200 Joules (Ws) for larger jobs.

Multiple Weld Speeds 

For seam sealing, you won't find a more efficient tool. You can weld as fast as one weld for every 0.2 seconds.

World Renown Customer Service

With more than 15 years of micro welding experience, our team of experts can help you resolve any welding challenge.

State-of-the-Art Micro Laser Systems

Harnessing Light to Advance Your Art

An Orion laser micro welder from Sunstone lets you accomplish extraordinary welds in the most difficult of places. With a laser, if you can see where a weld needs to be, you can reach it. The artist in you will appreciate the ability to use the laser to smooth and polish a work area or fill porosity in half the time. With a laser, there’s no electrode maintenance to interrupt your work, which saves time. Sunstone offers two different models to fit your budget so that your studio or factory can easily justify an Orion laser micro welder. Ask your Sunstone representative to show you both solutions.

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  • Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder - Our best selling model!
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  • Orion LZR35 Benchtop Laser Welder
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  • Orion LZR Benchtop Laser Welder
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  • Orion 200i Pulse Arc Welder - For those that want it all!
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  • Dado Laser Welder
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  • Orion mPulse Pulse Arc Welder
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