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Orion Jewelry Welders

Introducing Sunstone's Line of Orion Jewelry Welding and Engraving Products


Orion LZR ENG - Jewelry Engravers and Cutters

Sunstone line of Orion laser engravers and cutters offer more power and faster speed for engraving and cutting thicker pieces – cutting up to 2mm sheets. They are the ideal laser product for cutting and marking. They can be used on any metal to engrave text, photographs, logos, and markings. The maximum marking area ranges from 65x65mm to 180x180mm depending on the lens. The standard lens offers a 110x110mm working area with a resolution of 20?m. The software is capable of importing files from commonly-used computer design programs such as svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, and others. The software makes it easy to perform any job from engraving an image, engraving text on the inside of a ring, engraving a custom design on a bangle, to marking and cutting custom shaped objects.

• Low maintenance- up to 50,000 hours of operation
• Depending on the model, the Orion Laser Engraver machine comes with a max power range from 20 watts to 100 watts
• Software is included


Orion LZR Bench Top - Jewelry Laser Welders

High precision laser welding—up to 140 joules. The Orion bench top laser welders provides a powerful tabletop machine with all the technological and engineering benefits of other larger models. This small machine delivers a higher-duty cycle that meets the demanding work needs, with professional results, and for far less than larger machines – a truly significant benefit for any budget.

• Superior, high-efficiency components that run cooler, reducing stress on critical-wear parts
•  Notably longer service life and greatly reduced maintenance.
• User-friendly touch-screen control



Orion i Series - Jewelry Pulse-Arc Welder

An evolution in micro pulse-arc welding! The  Orion i Series welder is the most innovative and versatile welding system ever created. When you consider ease of use, precision, reliability, and the list of innovative features that come standard on the i Series welder, it’s easy to see why metal-smiths have made the Orion i Series welder their tool of choice.

• 0.01ws to 200ws
• Pico mode – for extremely small and precise welds
• Internal monitoring – provides weld consistency and automatically optimize weld parameters



Orion s Series - Jewelry Pulse-Arc Welder

Mid-range welder with more power—get ready to work! While powerful,  the s series welder is perfect for low power needs as well—yielding as little as 1 joule (ws) of energy. Whether an application requires high power welding needs for intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion s series welder offers a versatile welding system in an easy-to-use package.

• 1.0ws to 150ws
• Tack mode
• Our intermediate fabrication & repair model



Orion c Series - Jewelry Pulse-Arc Welder

The c Series is the compact pulse-arc welder and it was designed and developed to meet the needs of the market. This budget friendly system features a smaller footprint to save bench space and has an easy-to-use touch screen interface for quick access and adjustments of welding parameters. Take advantage of Tack mode for resistance welding, and high frequency agitation options for difficult to weld metals.

• 3.0ws to 100ws
• Touch screen interface
• Our introductory fabrication & repair model



Orion m Series - Jewelry Pulse-Arc Welder

Now, anyone and any company can afford to have the power of Pulse-Arc technology for themselves. With a 30 joule (ws) power potential, this small welder can be used by anyone and has the power to weld many simple jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle.

• 5.0ws to 30ws
• Perfect for lite duty
• Our most affordable model



Orion Combo 200 on Articulating Arm - Jewelry Laser Welder

Laser Welding with Versatility.

• Larger opening for access to larger pieces and allows you to work more freely.
• Advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply eliminates power spikes to deliver more effective welding and drastically extend the flashlamp life.
• Close, repeatable control over laser parameters to deliver precise results.