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  • Mini Grip

    The Sunstone Welders Mini Grip is a single probe micro welding handpiece that reduces operator fatigue due to its light weight and ease of use. It is the smaller Sunstone handpiece designed for light duty jobs!

    The Mini Grip Datasheet

    • $1,500.00
  • Single Probe Hand Piece

    The Sunstone Single Probe Hand Piece or SPHP is made from a 0.25″ inch RWMA II Copper shank. This copper shank is sharpened to a point on the tip and can be shaped by the end-user to match any specific application.

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $125.00
  • PG2

    Pistol Grip Hand Piece with Button Trigger. Accepts threaded electrodes

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $1,700.00
  • PG1

    The PG1 is the smallest single side gun. It can be fitted with.a straight or 90 degree tip

    • $850.00
  • Pressure-Actuated Single Probe Handpiece

    Pressure-Actuated Single Probe Hand Piece Attachment with Large Alligator Clip for simple setup

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $550.00
  • PG3W

    The PG3W is water cooled hand piece. Accepts compression electrodes. Heavy duty industrial uses.

    • $2,800.00
  • RWMA Handpiece Package

    Includes Sunstone DPHP, SPHP, & THP-A weld attachments.

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $500.00