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  • Single Probe Hand Piece

    The Sunstone Single Probe Hand Piece or SPHP is made from a 0.25″ inch RWMA II Copper shank. This copper shank is sharpened to a point on the tip and can be shaped by the end-user to match any specific application.

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $100.00
  • PG2

    Pistol Grip Hand Piece with Button Trigger. Accepts threaded electrodes

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $1,550.00
  • PG1

    The PG1 is the smallest single side gun. It can be fitted with.a straight or 90 degree tip

    • $850.00
  • PASP2

    Pistol grip, pressure-actuated single probe with adjustable pressure. Pressure-actuated for repeatability. Ergonomic Pistol Grip for extended use. Large alligator clip for simple setup.

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $1,750.00
  • Pressure-Actuated Single Probe Handpiece

    Pressure-Actuated Single Probe Hand Piece Attachment with Large Alligator Clip for simple setup

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $500.00
  • PG3W

    The PG3W is water cooled hand piece. Accepts compression electrodes. Heavy duty industrial uses.

    • $2,550.00
  • RWMA Handpiece Package

    Includes Sunstone DPHP, SPHP, & THP-A weld attachments.

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $400.00