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Laser Welders

Laser Welders

Our Laser Welders feature high-efficiency components that run cooler to provide users with consistent, high-quality welds.

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  • Orion LZR Benchtop Laser Welder

    Zero % Financing Available Now!

    If a laser welder is on your list for the holidays, now is the time to buy! Enjoy twelve months with no interest when you purchase by December 31, 2022. Of course, restrictions apply, so call today. Zero % financing is not available for the Orion LZR 35 and the Dado laser welders.

    Take Advantage of Section 179 Tax Deductions

    For US shops, you can save as much as $7,875 off your tax bill when you purchase an Orion LZR benchtop laser welder from Sunstone. Remember: The deduction amount shown here is an example only and you should consult with your tax advisor before making any purchase decisions.

    The Orion LZR is availabl in 80, 160, 200 and 240 joule power options (A smaller 35 joule option is also available). The Orion line is a brand of powerful benchtop laser welders with technological and engineering features that surpass the competition.

    Benchtop LZR Data Sheet

    Benchtop LZR User Manual

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  • Orion LZR35 Benchtop Laser Welder

    Call or text today to get your Sunstone Orion Benchtop Laser Welder! A powerful benchtop machine with technological and engineering features that surpass other laser welders.

    Benchtop LZR 35 Datasheet

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  • Orion Combo 200 Open Laser Welder

    The Orion Combo 200 YAG open laser welder was developed primarily for precise welding work on large pieces. The mold & die and plastic injection industries can save thousands of dollars by repairing their pieces instead of replacing them. The Orion open laser allows for those laser welding repairs.

    LZR Combo 200 Datasheet

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  • Dado Laser Welder

    The DADO is small, light, and portable. It can easily be placed anywhere. It will fit in any small workshop, directly on the workbench of the goldsmith, a dental lab, any jewelry store, R&D shop, and even in hobby shops!

    FLAT RATE FREIGHT SHIPPING of $650.00 for this system.

    Dado Laser Welder Datasheet

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  • Orion Crosslock Tweezer for Permanent Jewelry
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  • IR Safety Glasses for Permanent Jewelry
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  • Welding IR Safety Glasses
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  • Magnifying Lens
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