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  • Orion Tweezer Hand Piece THP

    Tweezer hand piece for tacking, compatible with the following Orion micro welders: 100C, 150S, and i Series. 

    Hand Attachment Datasheet

    • $270.00
  • Micro Welding Helmet

    The Auto Darkening Micro Welding Helmet with LED light source Integrates with All Orion Welders. It is a great accessory for when you need to weld with the Orion micro TIG welding stylus in your hand rather than mounted under the microscope. The micro welding helmet allows you to get up close to view where you are welding while providing full eye protection.

    • $495.00
  • Orion Arm Microscope

    Orion Swing Arm & Microscope setup, with Optical Shutter, Light, and 5x Magnification.

    • $1,000.00
  • Orion Stylus

    Pulse Arc Welding Stylus. Handpiece for Use with Orion Welders

    • $850.00
  • Orion Stylus Collet

    0.5mm or 1.0mm collet used with 0.5mm or 1.0mm (depending on the electrode) electrodes on the stylus of Orion pulse arc welders.

    • $10.00
  • Orion Dual Probe Handpiece

    Dual Probe Hand Piece - Low Power, 1/4" dia brass shank with10 AWG cabling, accepts 1/16" copper or 2mm tungsten electrodes (1 pair copper electrodes included).

    • $320.00
  • Orion SPHP LP

    Single Probe Hand Piece - Low Power. 1/4' dia brass shank accepts 1/16' (for Tungsten) or 2mm (..

    • $210.00
  • Orion Gem Guard

    Two vial, gemstone protection solution.

    • $30.00
  • Argon Tubing

    1/4" diameter plastic tubing for all Orion welders, 7' length

    • $15.00
  • Pulse Arc Weld Attachment Kit

    Pulse arc attachment kit includes: Small flat peaked pliers, Tack small double pole tweezer, Tack+, THP+

    • $325.00
Items: 1322 of 22
  • Sunstone Welders Jacket
    Only 10 left in stock
    • $40.00
  • Sunstone Welders T-Shirt
    Only 10 left in stock
    • $20.00
  • Mini Grip
    • $1,500.00