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  • Orion Micro TIG Welding Electrodes

    Orion Tungsten Electrodes for Orion Pulse Arc Micro Welders.

    • $75.00
  • Argon Tank

    Argon Tank - Premium Argon Gas (Not a Refill)

    If you have ordered a tank with us before and are needing a refill, please scan the QR code on your tank to start the refill process.

    Can only ship in the USA - Ground Shipping only

    • $399.00
  • Permanent Jewelry Welding Kit

    Starter kit of accessories for performing permanent jewelry welding. Includes: 

    • 2- Shade 5 Welding Glasses
    • 1- Safety Leather Patch
    • 1- Grounded Precision Plier
    • 1- ungrounded Precision Plier
    • 1- Chain Cutter
    • 10’ of Stainless Steel Practice Chain
    • 1- Door Cling Graphic
    • 1- 6” Metal Ruler
    • 1- Small Tape Measure
    • $200.00
  • Pulse-Arc Precision Clip Grounding Lead

    Pulse-Arc Precision Clip Grounding Lead for your Orion Micro TIG (Pulse-Arc) Welders - Used for grounding your workpiece.

    Call or text your Orion Micro TIG (Pulse-Arc) Welder specialist with any questions +1-801-658-0015 or email

    • $20.00
  • Deluxe Argon Gas Regulator

    Deluxe argon gas regulator made exclusively for Sunstone's line of Orion pulse arc welders.

    • $100.00
  • Electrode Grinding Tool

    Keep your electrodes sharp with this handheld, cordless rotary tool.

    • $50.00
  • Premium Argon Gas Regulator

    Premium argon gas regulator made exclusively for Sunstone's line of Orion pulse arc and laser welders.

    • $149.00
  • Micro TIG (Pulse-Arc) Grounding Leads

    There's more to grounding leads than just alligator clips! Sunstone offers many different grounding leads for your Orion pulse arc micro TIG  welder. Finding the right grounding lead for the task at hand will always save you time and generate better results.

    • $18.00
  • Diamond Disk for Rotary Tool

    Keep your electrodes clean and sharp with this diamond disk and a rotary tool.

    • $18.00
  • Orion Fiberglass Brush

    Used to remove carbon from your weld spot, these fiberglass brushes are a must-have tool—especially when working with jewelry.

    • $10.00
  • Janome-Cartesian CNC Tables

    The multifunctional JC-3 Series Cartesian CNC Table Robot comes complete with an easy-to-use dedicated controller and robot unit with a rich selection of stroke lengths for each axis.

    • $0.00
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  • 10x Eyepieces

    10x Eyepieces for Orion Stereo Microscope

    • $100.00
Items: 112 of 23