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Take Advantage of the Big Zero Welding Sale:
Zero Down. Zero Interest for Six Months. Near Zero Payments for Six Months!
Right now, your biggest challenge is to stay productive and be ready for a brighter tomorrow. Sunstone is doing our part by providing unprecedented financing during unprecedented times. Now you can move forward with key welding purchases without the worry!
Zero Down
There’s no downpayment! Simply sign on the dotted line and we’ll ship your welder today.
Zero Interest for Six Months
You won’t pay interest during the special financing period; it will be deferred. But you will get a ready-to-work welder to boost your productivity and save your cash flow. Keep reading!
BONUS: Near Zero Payments for Six Months
You’ll put your welder to work for six months with next-to-nothing payments of $29/month. But we’ll discount your purchase by $174 for net zero payments for six months! That’s an offer you can’t refuse.
The Big Zero Welding Sale is only available to organizations with approved credit. You will pay a $29/month financing fee for six months, but Sunstone will discount your purchase by $174 to offset the monthly payments. As a result, you’ll pay nothing for six months. Interest accrued during the first six months is deferred. The Big Zero Welding Sale is only available for orders of more than $10,000 and expires May 31, 2020. And lastly, this offer can not be combined with any other offer. Sunstone reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer without notice. For US and Canadian companies only.

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