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Motors & Coils

Motors & Coils

The Precision You Need

Motors & Coils have become a part of our everyday. Everything we do includes a Motor or coil in some way or another. With such a vast number of these type of devices, the need to create and repair one is a common application. Here at Sunstone & Orion Welders, we work everyday welding motors and coils for use in various industries. Motor welding has become more and more popular as the rise of Brushless motors, and welding on brushless motors. Motor welding & Coil Welding include large and small repairs as well. With the ability to easily weld Magnet wires, without damaging the surrounding coils, is a distinct advantage with Sunstone & Orion.

Sunstone Welders specializes in micro welding and explicitly designs for high levels of precision. When you are working with delicate wires, thin sheets, or precise sensors, Sunstone can give you the accuracy and precision that you need.

The Power You Need

Sunstone Welders provide units with the power to accomplish a wide range of welding applications. Bus bars, stranded wires, and thick copper pieces are no problem.  Magnet wires, big & small are easy to weld with many Sunstone Welding Solutions. Sunstone can take your application and help find a solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

Work With Confidence Knowing Our Reputation

Here at Sunstone, we have the privilege to work with and provide welding solutions to some of the largest and most successful companies In motor Welding & Coils. Such as ABB Ltd., Ametek Inc., Asmo, Baldor Electric Co Inc., Danaher Motion LLC, Emerson, Franklin Electric, Johnson Electric, Siemens, and many more. Through our years of experience and work, we have developed and built the skills to help you with your application.

Motor Welding Applications:

  • Magnet Wire Welding
  • Bus Bar Welding
  • Fine Wire Welding
  • Stranded Wire Preparation
  • Wire Termination
  • Actuators 
  • Inductors
  • Circuit Board Traces
  • Electrical Connections
  • Coil Termination
  • Cross Wire Welding
  • Disc Drive Assemblies
  • Fine Wire Welding
  • Ignition Controls
  • Industrial Assembly Line Facilities
  • Instrumentation
  • Interconnects
  • Micro-joining
  • Motor Assemblies and Armatures
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Solenoids
    • ABS Solenoids
    • Solenoid Assemblies
    • Solenoids
  • Switches
    • Airbag Initiators and Assemblies
    • Reed Switch Assemblies
    • Relays
    • Switch Controls
  • Transformer Coils
  • Turbine Component Welding
  • Turbine Engine Components
  • Wires
    • Cross Wire Welding
    • Fine Wire Welding
    • Inductors
    • Motor Assemblies and Armatures
    • Stranded Wire Preparation
    • Wire to Terminal Welding (Wire Termination)
    • Wire Wound Potentiometers

What are you welding today? Call or text us at +1-801-658-0015.

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  • Micro Resistance - Dual Pulse CD Spot Welders

    Available models are CD200DP, CD400DP, CD600DP.  The dual pulse industrial capacitive discharge (CD) spot welder provides a substantially larger amount of weld energy combined with a finer range of power adjustment. As with Sunstone's other spot welders, the CDDP welders produces clean, strong welds. Pulse one heats the weld area to eliminate surface contaminants and seats the welding electrodes. Pulse two then makes a strong, secure weld. Both pulses occur within milli-seconds.

    CDDP Welder User Manual

    CD Welders Datasheet

    • $5,500.00
    • $15,500.00