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The Ultimate Solution for Copper Battery Tab Welding

Don’t hassle with copper alloy tabs that have minimal benefits over nickel! With Sunstone you can enjoy the conductivity of pure copper tabs and build a power cell that lasts much longer. Battery pack rebuilding, pouch cell welding, and battery pack assemblies are now easier than ever with Sunstone.

Precision Energy Control for Expanded Flexibility

Sunstone micro welders let you dial in the exact amount of energy required for any combination of materials. Whether you’re working with copper or nickel Sunstone has you covered. And when it comes to automated production, Sunstone’s automation-ready micro welders easily integrate into an existing production line and become the center of attention on your production floor.

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Learn More About Battery Welding

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  • Battery Tab Welding System

    Sunstone's battery tab welding systems will allow you to create your own battery packs using nickel tabs. These systems have been specifically designed and engineered for battery production and have the durability to continue to work for a long lifespan.

    Battery Welding Systems Datasheet

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  • Omega PA250i Welding System

    Maximum Power!
    The most powerful Sunstone pulse arc welder delivers 250 joules of energy with precision and accuracy.

    When your production needs require more welding power, turn to Sunstone’s Omega PA250i Welding System, where maximum digital energy control is combined with maximum energy availability. With 250 joules of power your welding capabilities are greatly increased. Available in three different configurations, the PA250i fits any production floor: In your shop, in an automated production line, or anywhere in between.

    Battery Welding Systems Datasheet

    Omega Battery Welder Datasheet

    Omega PA250i User Manual

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