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Why Choose Laser Welding

Why Choose Laser Welding

Back in the day, traditional welding was the only procedure available when it came to bonding and melting pieces of metal. Be it for construction or commercial product services, it was widely used and commonly done by technicians, crafters and builders.

However these days, as technology continues to change and improve over time, welding has also come up with something new on their menu.

Laser Welding.

What is Laser Welding?

Whether it’s for hobby crafting or business, welding has proven itself useful and handy from time to time. When in need for a sturdy and durable bonding, welding machines are here to save to day.

As of today, laser welding has become popular and well used among crafters and technicians. Not only does it work faster than the older traditional welding machines, it also requires little to no maintenance and is definitely worth the investment.

Laser welding uses heated laser beams to melt or bond metals together. It produces lesser sparking and flyaway which makes it a great companion for work. And because of its high heating point, the laser beams can become so hot that it can melt through thick sheets of metal like butter. It makes work faster and easier without taking up too much time, effort and resources.

Here are some popular and affordable laser welders you should check out!

  1. Linear DC Welder

If you need something that’s worth every single penny spent, you should get the Linear DC Welder today. It’s the most flexible laser welder out there. The Linear DC Welder is customizable, beginner-friendly and space saving. So you won’t have to worry much about leaving out a large spot in your workplace to put your laser welder in.

Despite being affordable and compact, the Linear DC Welder can easily cut through thick and large scales of metal like butter. 

But it doesn’t only work best for big projects. It can also be used for small scale projects that require intricate detail and attention.

You can count on the Linear DC Welder to satisfy your welding needs.

2. Dado Laser Welder

At a fantastic deal, you can get the DADO Laser Welder to get the job done for you. 

Despite having a budget friendly, economic price, the DADO Laser Welder is your best friend. It’s affordable, convenient and extremely compact. You can bring it anywhere, anytime!

When Should I Use Laser Welding?

There’s a reason why a lot of companies are ditching their old, traditional welding machines. Almost everyone has come to a conclusion that with great changes comes a greater need for greater power. Here is a list on when you should use laser welding.

  • If you want to cut costs

Investing on a good laser welder saves you a lot of money because you don’t have to replace broken parts or regulate maintenance often.

  • If you care for Mother Nature.

The environment is dying and it’s not that hard to choose a more eco-friendly option that can get the job done better than the traditional one.

  • If you want precision and quality outputs

Let’s face it, laser welders are a thing of the future. They work better, faster and cleaner than the old machineries we once used. It’s about time we move on.

What are the Key Benefits of Laser Welding?

Unlike the traditional welding machine, it leaves little to no harmful effects on the environment. It also does not produce toxic scents and smoke that can affect everyone’s health. It also ensures that you’ll get the job done faster and better than before.

To sum it all up:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost efficient
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Great productivity
  • Less wasted raw materials

Laser welding is an amazing welding process that uses collimated light to melt and fuse metals.  This means that laser welding is ideal for automation and difficult to reach joints.  Just like pulse arc welding, laser welding is typically used as an edge welding process.  It can be used to add material via fill wire or to melt and join material from the parts to be welded without the need for additional material.  Lasers (and laser welders) can also be used for deep drilling of holes in parts, and even to push material from one part to another during the welding process.

Like pulse arc welding, during laser welding, the energy into the weld joint is extremely low.  This means that even heat sensitive parts can be welded with very low chance of damage.  It also helps reduce any distortion that would typically happen with other welding processes.

Laser welding is a versatile and economical welding process for a variety of applications.  Sunstone is happy to help you weld your application or to help you bring Laser welding in-house to your facility.  Contact us to see which solution will be the best for your business.